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Pray Love Create


Pray to soften the armour, in

 Love you connect to

create your world  of  wonder


One of the biggest tools I took from Yogic philosophy was Praying. As a young child we went to temples and spiritual ceremonies with my parents but that was more like a cultural celebration.

Through Yoga I learnt to Pray.

To me it's like entering into the dimension of magic. I pray when I need or want something, when I start the day. I pray when I'm starting a new project. I pray for people in need, to find answers to problems. I pray for signs to confirm my actions and I pray for cultivating the best version of myself.

Mostly I pray because I realized that it is the most direct way of communicating intimately with my Being. Prayer creates a connection that is reciprocated with grace, with a presence.  At times with almost shocking immediacy. 
Anyone, at any time can pray. In yogic teachings, it is seen as one of the paths to divine love, nourishment and creativity. Give it a go.


Set a rhythm by praying regularly, it will rapidly establish a knowing in your being. Everything that is wonderous has a rhythm, a cycle. The daily rising of the sun, the journey of the moon, dance of the waves, flow of your breath.

When you pray, do it daily, preferably when you start your day and when you end, to rest. With a little offering to thank the earth , a flower
to thank the waters, some water
to thank the fires, a candle
to thank the ethers, some incense
let the words just flow, no thought  ... and enjoy the conversation, you create.

I prayed a lot for a deeper soul connection and then it manifested.

The love I speak of, began with my own journey of self discovery. It was only when I felt completely happy and at ease with myself, that I was able to attract the perfect type of love, from a sweetest form of a man. Looking back at our lives , it is a tale of coincidences, the Divine hand at play.

I was living in Guatemala at the time. He was traveller, making music by the dock side. I had in my hand a camera and clicked a photo of him. No name,  no contact just the image. It would be months  after, that I would discover that the person I was going to meet, was the same  person in the photo. This is the first of many synchronicities that play out.

For a long time I didn’t believe that I would ever get married or even find a guy that would love me but  I realized early enough that cultivating the best version of myself meant I had to make decisions that made me happy, nourish my soul and keep a balanced mental state.  I had to care for my temple with meditation and my practice. By creating this energy, I attracted love.

When love found me, I was not perfect . I was still struggling  with thoughts that were not serving me and I still do. Each day I go on the mat or commune with nature, say my prayers do something loving. Keep on cultivating. The key is not to give up. 

It has been a decade with my husband, my love. My glue that is soft and yet so very strong. A perfect balance for my kind of ME. Constantly challenging me to go in new directions.

When our energies combine, we create.  We travelled,  We did off shoot projects. The thoughts that surround "should" and "may bee's'', were few in our paradigm of words. In the first decade we were together it felt there was total connectivity with us and the way of the world. We were in the flow.

There's nothing really special or different about me, about us. We go through all the same struggles most people do but I have with me a set of tools which helps me to settle the dust that rises sporadically.

Together we have a field, a vision,  when we loose it  we remember a fondly state we once had, we get into feeling this place of love and it shows up again really fast.

Pray Love Create.
When you pray, it softens the armour around your heart,
In Love, you are establishing a connection with the flow
You create your world which shifts from:
Anxiety to calmness
Helplessness to trust
Mediocre to magically wonderful.

I hope these pages inspire you to live your best life. 

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