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the beautiful one awaits, 

inside yourself


A little bit about my journey.


Initially credited as a CMA in Canada, I left the security of a great job 20 years ago to pursue my soul calling: to explore Life through the path of Yoga. As a life-long learner, personal growth has been a big part of my journey. I am certified in Sivananda Yoga, classical Ayurveda, Pranic Healing, Thai yoga massage, to name a few.  ​

I embrace adventure, so like most, I have moments when everything is flowing and moments when I feel stuck. I use breath as the tool to bring freedom in my perspectives, lightness in the being, and a connection to my place in the world.

What I do have with me is a basket of tools embodied in yogic philosophies and apply them, so I may ride the waves with a smooth balance. 

 I know from my own 20- year journey as a practitioner, the challenges we face in sustaining a spiritual practice. The most struggle people have is cultivating a daily practice ironically it is all the place where one gets the most transformational benefit.  What has truly shaped me, is my first-hand experience living and embodying yogic philosophies at ashrams in India, my 1000 km journey by foot on the Camino de Compostella and the six-year journey to my baby. These experiences were hugely inspirational and transformational. They helped unfold my life in a simpler and unique way.

Together we can make this journey taking the spiritual teachings into daily life. 


- Yoga Teacher Training Sivananda Yoga

- Advanced Yoga 

- Ayurveda therapy

- Pranic Healing

- Thai Yoga Massage

- Shakti Spirit 

- Inner Engineering

- Ayurveda for natural beauty
- Yoga Nidra (Bihar School)
- Vedic Philosophy (Chinmaya Org)

-  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

- 20+ years as yoga teacher with classes in Canada, India, Guatemala, Spain

Portrait of Young Woman


“Even though I did many mindfulness programs, I did not find anything like this.  You work from a much deeper soulful place.  Thank you for what you do”​


—  Rosalyn, R.

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