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What is Breathwork

Breathwork is the conscious control of breath in rhythm.  It is a simple and powerful ancient technique, used to harmonize and heighten your physical, mental and emotional state. It’s an incredible tool to bring in transformation. It’s simplicity makes it’s accessible to anyone. Once you’ve learnt the techniques it is your first aid tool to use any time.

I teach Prana breathwork which is based on ancient yogic principles.
First element in the practice is Reset breath( Antara) -  breath meditation to go inwards and create a relationship with your body.  This is then followed by Pranayama (breathing in rhythms to harness its powers). Pranayama is loosely translated as breath control for self-transformation. I like to think of it more as gaining access to the fullness of breath. When you draw in breath, you take in the vibrating universal energy. This fuels and revitalize the body.

The third element I focus on is described as Kriya in Yogic philosophy. We use conscious rhythmic breathing to penetrate deep inside the body and move past emotional and energetic blocks that hinder the flow of life force. A profound state of tranquility arises.

Why is Breathwork so powerful?

It’s quick, easy, and can be done anywhere. Most Spiritual Practises will guarantee results over time. But breath practices gives you immediate results. We all know that Life depends on breath intimately. Breath and Health connection is in the Now.

Just 20 minutes of regular breathwork practice can have a massive and lasting positive impact on the way you feel, think, and relate to others.  Breathwork practices can not only deepen your relaxation, relieve stress and anxiety but can also work on deeper levels to relieve diseases, depression leaving you more energized alive and focused.


How does Breathwork actually work?

Our bodies are amazing mechanism of wonder  Our senses are constantly responding to events even before our mind catches up and give it thought and context. Like the quick reflex of the hand to hot water or  hairs rising on hearing aa sudden scream. Our bodies are constantly processing information like background noise even without our conscious awareness. This can also lead to a perpetual state of stress response to daily challenges of life be it perceived or real

All our human experiences have a chemical basis within our physiology. They are imprinted on our nervous system. If we had a bad fall from a cliff as a child, we might continue in protective reflex everytime we are at the edge. All these stories continue to live in our nevous system and affect how we respond. As we journey in life we draw from this inner blue print.  If this blue print is a culmination of traumatic stressed experiences then we continuously project this out into the world, every time a past emotion is triggered, we flare and live in a stress response. This becomes a loop.

To put it another way,  our emotions create our experiences. Our experiences then go on to create our future stories. If our emotions are stored in the nervous system. We can bio hack these experiences and re-write them so to speak with our breath. We can venture into our body through our breath and heal these stories !

The science of breathwork

There is a lot of recent attention to the VAGUS nerve and BREATH WORK
The vagus nerve is a major nerve of the parasympathetic nerve which is responsible for the rest /digest. Deeb breathing stimulates the vagus nerve. In yogic science The Vagus Nerve is two psychic channels (ida and pingala) which, once purified and awakened, function as One to awaken heightened experiences. 

We know that most illness and diseases are stress-related, and simple breathwork practices can help to make the shift out of perpetual states of stess and into deep relaxation. When the body is relaxed,  tensed energy patterns can be released making the body more flexible and spacious to welcome life’s experiences with ease and clarity.

Misty Slopes

When we place our awareness on the breath, we become aware of our body breathing, you tune into the silence behind the breath. The mind becomes quiet.  pause emerges between the breaths.  Magic happens

Priyanka Moonbeam personal practice

PRIYANAKA MOONBEAM METHOD to  Create the Most Rewarding  Experience of Life

Face Yoga –Start your day with gentle face yoga  to Put your best face forward
Intermittent Fasting – Leave 16 hours from your last meal for optimum and easy to implement gut health
Cold Shower – Finish up your shower with 30 seconds of cold water splash to tonify vagus nerve and charge all nerve endings.

Prana Warm up – Method of movements  to clear stagnant digestion, warm up the body physically and energetically.
Prana Breathwork - Breathing puts you in an optimal physical, mental and emotional state to be present and welcome the day.
Nature Bathing – Go for a walk, or sit in nature regularly . Less imprints of domestication, the better.
Hatha Yoga - Moving from doing to being, in the postures steady and comfortable and taking this to the rest of your Life    

These are my underlying principle that help me connect to SOURCE and drives  me on my journey to help myself and others to have the best experience in life. I encourage others to do these practices regularly

Reprogramming ourselves to be the happiest doesn’t have to be complicated, and you can do it more quickly than you might imagine. The Breathing and Movement practices clear away energetic blocks, the Intermittent fasting, Face yoga keeps the physical body smooth and efficient, the Cold shower and Nature bathing gives us a somatic and visceral experience  and Hatha Yoga  taps in into our innate power.  We are divine beings.  You can experience this, in this life time.

May we all find abundance and presence in the moment.

Your Facilitator

Priyanka Moonbeam


Misty Slopes

Watch your chest and belly rise and fall.  Notice the temperature and moisture of your breath.  Tune into the muscles and bones moving in your body.  Observe how your body feels when you shift from shallow to deep breathing.

Individual Guidance


60 Minutes via ZOOM

Euro € 150

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