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Journey to my baby 




I am a mom to a boy who is a miracle. I hold him and at times tears still swell up. I can hardly believe he is here. It took time for me to realize that his journey to earth would be a passage of great teaching. 

I found Love at the perfect time. A chain of synchronicities, coincidences and the Divine hand was at play when I met my Love. Our journey started with complete ease. We had no big dreams, big wants, just the love of embracing each day in the spirit of adventure. In the beginning, we traveled a lot. FUN FREE AND IN AN EASE.

Then at some point, the longing started in the heart of my husband. It was such a longing that you couldn’t shake it off with any distraction.

This journey for our child took us to all realms of the human emotional spectrum.
psychics, Medicine men, medicine woman, old pilgrim sites, churches with no names, temples monumental. Evangelists, Fortune tellers, gypsies.. drinking ancient plant brews, remedies, PERU Shamans.

I had heard about plant medicine in many healing circles.  Suddenly the spirit of the plant medicine started her call. Every day the will became stronger and finally, we made the 3-month journey to Peru. With no concrete plans, we packed and landed in the Amazon jungle.  The spirit of the plant can be very strong, you can be taken into other realities or dimensions.
In Peru we had a vision of our child.  It was very vivid and clear, yet I was aware of my presence in the healing temple. The vision was like watching a movie – Seated on a swing was a three-year-old child, with eyes wide like dark grapes, a smile that light the entire face, a distinct hair cut that framed the face and soft hair that wisped with the wind.   I knew it was our child. It played like a scene in a movie.  The hair cut made us think it was a girl.
My husband had the exact same vision of the swinging child independently. This gave us immense hope.  But like all things when time kept rolling we began to doubt the experience. 
S0 we kept going.....MEXICO Mayan medicine…first miscarriage.

CANADA Chinese doctors… Chinese medicine... second miscarriage but amazingly our spirit was not shattered. We just kept going.  Then we met an evangelist couple by another series of divine grace. Her words were direct and commanding. We were asked to prepare some items for a blessing ceremony. A baby blue blanket and soft pink blanket are still with us today. On the day of the ceremony (by phone) she called upon the HOLY SPIRIT to bless us with the child and then declared that next year in   July I would be holding my baby... again the doubts creep in. Then we made the big trip to ...


INDIA prayers, pilgrimage and then our journey took us to meet with the silent BABA.. who looked up and with gestures and light from his eyes convinced me, my baby would arrive. (this is a powerful story to be told in person)

I confronted a lot of fear, uncertainty, and a host of other debilitating emotions but I managed to return with great force until gradually my soul deepened and I surrendered to the great will. When I found myself in a rooted place that served as branches and blossom to hold all storms; motherhood embraced me.

We were standing on a rooftop. It was a warm night in India. We were in a bubble of love and communing with the gold shimmering light of the full moon. We both felt it - the energy of a baby very strongly. Three weeks from that date  I started to vomit. 
I never stopped till the day I delivered him.  Those 9 months was a phase very hard to hear about especially for my loved ones. To me, I feel like I just glided to the 9 months and then  I held him.  MY boy. 

I hope these pages inspire you to live your best life. 

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The well of LOVE is so deep

Love can be a double edged sword. At times it hurts so much to love.

What this waiting has given, is pure love. I LOVE HIM. 

When I am faced with everyday stressors in racing a child, I look, deeply look at him, and it calms and centers my soul.

My mother installed in me the power of connecting to something higher. This path has never forsaken me. I am forever grateful to my MOM. I always know when I’m heading in the right direction. All the signs are there. I experience a frequency of well-being and inspiration. Creativity flourishes and balances me even further. I keep that connection to SOURCE or HIGHER POWER through my practice.  This helps, life flows with a profound presence and purpose.

It is my hope to offer some of these practices to help invite creative soul-soothing flow to you through this website.  

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