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Gyan Mudra

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If you are run down with stress, overworked and begging for change. Here is an idyllic opportunity to getaway. Shanti Valley  is the perfect place for you to 

S L O W   D O W N 


Shanti Valley Retreats - Providing you the space for your personal growth.


Alpujarras is a region in the south of Spain. Nestled between many mountains, in the valley of Padre Eterno (the Eternal Father), you will find Shanti Valley Retreats. A special place, where tranquillity washes over you as you drive down a rustic road, perfectly blended in with nature.  The sunsets over the mountain and the night lit with stars are amazing!

Wake up to the sunrise, and walk or hike through the many routes, along the acequia (waterways). Nature is well and alive with the twitter of the birds and the bubbling of the creeks. Breathe in the fresh mountain air,  refresh with a cup of herbal tea, or simply cuddle up with a good book. The mountainscapes are sprinkled with wildflowers and herbs for your picking.

Our place is located within a 20-minute drive from the vibrant town of Orgiva. Where you can find all your essential needs and more. Every Thursday there is a market bringing you local artisans, fresh produce and ecological harvest. Orgiva is an eco-friendly hub offering a variety of diet necessities.

Please note that the major hospital is within a 40-minute drive from our retreat centre. There is walk-in emergency services and a local hospital in Orgiva which is 20 minutes drive away. The property is alcohol, drug and smoke-free zone.  There are no shops or cafes within walking distance to distract you. There are bus services and connections available from Orgiva to all major national destinations.

We recommend you purchase your groceries, buy some good books, and plan not to leave the valley during your stay. It is a 20-minute walk up the mountain to catch a bus or the 20 min drive to Orgiva.  Here you can connect more deeply to nature.

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