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Grasping the fullness of you, intimately.

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Tantra Sadhana-  A Journey to expand our perspectives,  see obstacles as opportunities, and invite newer possibilities making life scintillatingly "moist".  
The practices are steeped in non-dual Tantric philosophy. We often hear :
-We are one. --love and hate are opposite sides of the same coin 
-raise your consciousness to experience different dimensions.
Well, what do they all really mean in practical reality, and how does one come to embody them? This is the path of TANTRA. It maps out the path to discovering these concepts as a living reality.

Perhaps you are challenged with more human concepts
-Why can't I maintain a relationship
-Why am I constantly challenged with obstacles
-How do I find joy in daily living
Here again, Tantra comes to the rescue. Tantra views us as a microcosmic version of the macrocosmic universe. However, you experience the outside has a mirror effect on the inside. So if I find that people are constantly challenging me, then Somewhere in my psyche I am reciprocating that friction internally as a vibration, challenging my internal world. This big knot can be untangled through the path of Tantra. I follow and share the path of Tantra called Sri Vidya which loosely translates to Supreme Knowledge.

The initial focus is on ritualistic practices to develop a crystal clear mind.
Tantra is a technique and Sadhana is a way of nurturing you.  
What you will read below, may sound exciting on a mind level but Tantra promises a way to embody these concepts as an experience, where joy nourishes you on a regular basis. We call it unveiling the curtains. When you practice tantra sadhana you experience settling in, a lightness of being, and exuberate a joy that others enjoy in your presence. 
First three sessions via Zoom - 150 € for 3 sessions.
They tend to be hour-long Individually Guided Sessions. Subsequent sessions are donation/group-based
You will learn specific rituals using mantra and tantric techniques. The rituals are pleasing to the senses and adhere to comprehensible reason.
-You start by approaching reality by mode of worship of an object or state by embodying everything it represents.
-As you keep applying these rituals you develop devotion and you slowly start to free yourself from the details of the worship. 
-Then the rituals help to arrive at wisdom beyond the coloring of our personal emotions.
Any confusion that may arise at the start, is all part of the journey as the mind starts to move from grasping information, to performing, to feeling the experience.  At some point, a sweetness settles in and inner guidance emerges.  You will gain a compass and a direction to navigate through the ebb and flow of life. 
Your presence will become an uplifting gift for others.
This is is the kiss of Tantra Sadhana.


"the very nature of a human being is such, unless there is some movement in life towards betterment within and outside of himself, he will feel frustrated. He has to keep moving to a newer and newer possibility" Sadhguru. This is the idea behind Sadhana.

I will leave you with 3 ideas. Remember simply reading them and experiencing them are completely different affairs.


Change  perspective
Our hate and love, Our desires and aversions, Our passion and prejudices that we cast on an object depend, on the context we frame the object.  
Cow dung on the field is  fantastic as it gives fuel to the crops
Cow dung on your fine carpet can be a repulsive object.
Remember you can change your emotional response by reframing the context.

​Expand your consciousness

You cannot hate anything that you consider you 
Even if you think you hate an aspect of your personality,  what you really dislike is the emotional condition that you illicit from a memory, that your mind ties back to you.
It is so jumbled up that you end up reciting " I hate myself" or " I hate you" .. etc..
You view life through this knotted lens.  You can unravel this  "knot" to see that the idea of hate, bad, and dislike, disappear when you expand consciousness and make it all-inclusive. The field of consciousness vibrates with the scintillating energy of LOVE. 

The right hand doesn't hate the left hand, nor does it claim to love it. It just rests in the simplicity of being.

Understanding  You - going down the rabbit hole
Here the dawning happens as we constantly and consistently bring awareness back to an intended point. This practice sharpens our attention, focus, one-pointedness... When we observe simply and clearly, there is a witnessing presence upon our actions and thoughts. We come to appreciate all our folded corners of the heart, our dark spaces, our ways, our wants, and our madness from a point of compassion and love. We arrive in a space where we can initiate change.

According to Tantra, nothing is good or bad in existence.
Even in the post above, I invite you to think of darkness only from the point of the self, meaning anything that constricts against you.  Good or Evil.- the dualistic play of life are two sides of the same coin that springs forth into manifestation as a tantalizing play from the source.
Everything that is fuelled by friction we tend to dislike
Everything that flows with ease we like.
Our point of view is colored by our habits, tendencies, our impressions of the world. When we shine light upon it, our views can change transformationally.
Remember a snake carries poison within itself, enough to kill a person, yet remains unharmed. You change your perspective, as you understand the self.

As you commit to practicing these powerful ritualistic techniques from the teachings of Sri Vidya (path of the Divine Goddess Lalita) , the internal landscape of your body blooms inviting balance, health and tranquility. You will come to experience infinite space within, the deepness of silence, the kiss of bliss.  You expand your consciousness and a new way of seeing emerges... You wake up to a crystal mind, diamond body and a lotus heart.
The mystical and spiritual transformation brought to you through this journey is really an unveiling of your radiant self.

If life rubs against you calling your attention or you hanker to experience the manifested reality more intimately, then this sadhana is for you.
Shree matre namah.


I prefer to teach these practices one to one, at your own pace.
At times I do a workshop of a maximum 5 to 6 students. Contact me for further details or to book a session. Some restrictions apply. We can talk this out.


Have a gorgeous day

YOu are a miracle
Realize this
and enjoying your playing field.


         Tantra Sadhana

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Anika Holmes, Toronto

I am truly grateful to have met Priyanka. She made me realize the negative thinking patterns that were ruling my world. She made me see how I can have a possitive influence on my own Life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Pink Bubbles Transparent

Rick Porter, Alberta

I am more accepting of what is, more content, at peace. I feel motivated and lighter. I now can laugh more with the things that would have irritated me before. 

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Statue with Flowers

Nina Mehta, Vancouver

One of the exercises we did was a guided relaxation. It was as if I entered another world. Full of little brilliant lights and floating space. A truly profound relaxation!

Priyanka Moonbeam

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