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Management to Ashram


Management to the Ashram


I did it. I quit my 9 to 5 job, packed up all my luxurious clothes, make up and heels and decided to go off to an ashram. I had an excitement in my heart, that comes from doing something NEW.  I  had just started practising yoga, and the urge to do so naturally developed. It wasn't directed at where I was going but to the newness of breaking from what I was doing.

There are many such stories of people leaving their comfort zone and exploring something new.. So the outline of my story from ~Management to the Ashram~ is just ordinary but the transformation I experienced was extraordinary.

When I left, I wasn't looking for anything, I had a great boss, fantastic co–workers, a cute apartment, a boyfriend  and a very protective parental hold. So life in general was great but I was still not completely at peace in my heart. I knew that something was missing. The ashram didn’t offer any advice on what was missing in my life. Instead it provided me a set of tools to simply continue life but with a whole new way of looking.

Days in the ashram were spent in the same vein of slow practices, meditation, yoga, selfless services, contemplating the questions of why and how the world came to be. But if you choose you could be there and still carve yourself out a rat pack  ( the one you left in the first place).  The whole spectrum is available.

In the beginning, my mind would rebel with my own internal dialogues, counting days, doubting my moves, tears of feeling alone, but soon, time lost its usual significance as the days blended into each other. Creating one Ashram experience.

One day, after the time of 4 years had elapsed, I was staring ideally on a bench, making circles with my big toe. My teacher who inspired me the most sat with me and said: " it's time for you to leave,".  The fear of change took a hold of me yet again.  He continued "go out and apply all that you learned". The mystical leap I was working hard for in my 4 years at the ashram occurred when I stopped working for it.

I left with a set of tools in hand. I would still have to learn how to use them to their full potential. 
1)Replace the noise of becoming with the silence of being. 
Before ashram, I  knew I had to just learn and do. Become more productive.
After the ashram, I realize that when you allow things to happen, there is a flow with the least resistance.
2) In the stillness of your mind waves, clarity will arise.
Before ashram, I had to search for solutions. I would chat with all my friends to get their versions of what I should do. 
After ashram I realize  that only you know what is best for you and when.
3) Excellence is a heart at peace.
Before ashram I had a checklist of all the things that would make me happy
After ashram I see happiness inherent in me
4) Creativity is mastered in Nature.
Before ashram I would look for inspiration in a lot of vices
After ashram, nature became my reservoir to heal and inspire.

Now  I’m am on the mountain top in Spain.  There are days I falter, I lose my cool, I hear the inner parent reprimanding me. But I keep my self centered with my practices. I enjoy life to my fullest. 

I hope these pages inspire you to live your best life. 

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