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Painted Space

Christmas Special

Order by Dec 5, 2020

EUR$ 80

(includes shipping)

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What is included in the Christmas Special

This is a special package we have put together for Christmas.

Package includes


1.  Private Breathwork Session

60 min private breathwork session - This is a customized breathwork session, private, conducted online via ZOOM, geared to their specific needs.  Sometimes people feel stuck and have energy blockages, other times, it may be stress and anxiety coping they seek and yet other times, it may be that they find themselves at a cross roads in life.  Tuning it to your breath, becoming empowered with your breath will aid you in getting unstuck and moving forward towards wellness.


2. Postcard from Spain

Postcard from Spain - How exciting is it to get a handwritten post card.  Now imagine it has a message especially for you, from the Universe.  You give me a word, and I will tap into the divine cosmos and deliver than special message that awaits your gift recipient.


3. Amber Necklace

Amber Necklace  Amber is what we call an Alchemical healer. When it is in direct physical contact with your skin it absorbs any negative energies and transmutes those energies into positive useable energy. it is a great antidote for the nervous or anxious times delivering a sense of calm while enlivening the energy.  We will ship you a custom Amber necklace so that your special gift recipient can have their very own Alchemical healer within their reach.

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