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Spiritual Quest


A journey to nurture your body and soul is a responsibility we must indulge in from time to time


Spiritual Quest 

Quest: To cultivate the best version of myself.
Tools: Yogic Philosophy

My path : was to really slow down and make time for doing things I enjoy. To care for myself. When I left the corporate world of 9 to 5  nearly 20 years ago  I had many fears. In the beginning, I would often cry  when people gasped at what I had done. Chosen to be foot loose and fancy free in exchange for comfort and security.  I had endless doubts.

Over the years they peeled away one by one and I give thanks daily for the angels  that direct me. They hold my hand and lead me, one step in front of the other, S L O W L Y.  "Padam, Padam".

MY method: is to get on the mat to do yoga (try to daily), commune with nature , do something loving. This keeps me on my path.  It keeps me refreshed and ready to ride the wave of life.

YOGA  in every day life invokes an energy of attentiveness. This invites care and responsibility to foremost, oneself. Yoga does not only change the way we see things but it transforms the person who sees.  From there, everything flows and flowers more gorgeously. 

The rhythm of our breath is the garland, where we thread each pose with an exhale ,  inhale. Withought thinking it happens...  the  breath and movement become one.
On a physical level, there is a fluid in your spine (amrit) which flows freely as your spine elongates and decompresses in a pump like action. This feeling of well being can be felt almost in the first few classes. It is your nervous system expressing in joy!
In time you begin your own journey to find the real YOU. 

BEING YOUR BEST, you need to feel your best. Take a break in your day.  Go  for a walk, meet yourself on the mat, listen to music or dance. Take an intentional break at least once a week to rest, recharge. Most importantly once in a while take an epic break, where you step away from your normal way of doing things.

In 2014 we had an amazing opportunity to travel a last-minute planned   10,000 km road trip which ended up with some deep soul reflection moments. We built a myriad of memories that will last our lifetime. We discovered things about ourselves that we would have never realized.
Anyone can move into this space of discovery of the self. A journey to nurture your body and soul is a responsibility we should each indulge in from time to time. When you step away from your normal way of thinking and doing, you create a potential to rediscover parts of yourself that may have been lost in the every day of life. 
It does not have to be something expensive, fancy or stressful.
Just do it for the sake of a positive life balance.


I hope these pages inspire you to live your best life. 

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