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Breathe with Me
Live Session 

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SAT SEPT 19, 2020
Time: 11.30 am(EDT) / 17.30 pm(CET) check your time zone


*Dear Ones - This event is now Closed. Sign up to be notified of future events. Thank you.


Thank you for the stellar participation in our 5-day breathwork challenge.  Let's take this to the next step.  In September, I am offering a one-hour live class.  Join this class and you will get another chance to enjoy an entire practice - live  online class will be with: 

20 min breathwork session 

30 mins holding space for your journey followed by Q&Amovement

You can follow the class even if you did not participate in the August Breathwork Challenge.  Now is more important than ever to start incorporating these practices into your daily life. 

Take a look at the benefits.


  • Let go anxiety, stress, anger, depression, grief

  • Manage chronic pain

  • Process emotions, heal emotional pain and trauma

  • Cultivate self-love and trust to begin opening your heart to others

  • Develop life skills and increase self-awareness.

  • Get unstuck and find the way to move forward

  • Enrich creativity and discover your inner self

  • Improvement in a sense of calm and overall well being


As we are working online,   Initially I  will guide you into your body and breath. Then we will explore some breathing techniques (rhythms)  as we breathe together. Finally, I hold space for you as you guide your own inner journey.  Here the general instruction is to breathe deep. Use diaphragm breathing, where the belly moves in and out slightly. Breathe with conscious rhythmic breaths. No forced pauses. I encourage you to breathe in through the mouth and release through mouth or nose. Ultimately let your own body guide you in movement, motions and be curious to whatever may arise.

My teachings are from yogic philosophy and l also draw from my own intuition and bring in what the space needs.

Join me on this incredible wellness practice conducted live via ZOOM and start your own amazing journey to discover the power of your breath. 


From ancient times, chants, mantras, rhythms, and beats have been used to create a healing response in our bodies.  Rhythm can be a powerful medium to stimulate communication. In breathwork, it is used to create an instant focus and to allow for the dialogue between your breath and body.  Our lives are orchestrated or guided by the rising and setting of the many natural rhythms.

The purpose of breathwork is to strengthen, clear, and ready the neural pathways for the body to do what it does. YOUR BODY KNOWS

COST:  $0.00


11.30am (EDT)  / 17.30pm (CET) 

When you use your breath as a tool consciously, life begins to flow with a profound purpose and presence, as you joyfully navigate into wholistic and limitless possibilities. 


As soon as you sign up, we will send you an email with everything you need to prepare for this event


Breathwork has the potential to cause intense physical and emotional feelings to the surface as the body releases stuck energy.  For this reason, and also to optimize the effectiveness of breathwork, the following is recommended.   

  • Please make sure you have access to zoom to participate. 

  • Part of the session is sitting and part laying down.  

  • Prepare a comfortable space where you can lie down ( optional) and listen to the instructions.

  • Make sure you are not on a full stomach.

  • Kindly ensure no disturbances during the session. Notify family members and off other apps on the phone or computer.

  • Have water, mat, tissue  and blanket close by

  • Make sure your immediate space is unrestricted in case you move around.

  • After the session, there is time for questions and sharing. Take time to relax and drink lots of water.  

  • If you have a chronic medical condition such as cardiovascular or heart issues, pregnant, history of panic attacks, mental illness, please seek medical advice before you start any Breathwork program.   

  • As a participant, you acknowledge that this is a wellness event. You also agree not to discuss any sharing that takes place within the group


May we all find abundance and presence in the moment.


I am new to the online platform. I truly believe you will greatly benefit from this workshop and this is my offering to you. In exchange, I would like your feedback on your experience or a small donation to the service. ( you will help support my work life) BUT, don’t worry if you can’t give anything, your feedback on your experience as I move through the muddy waters of online teaching,   is like gold to me now.  MoonLOve

Love & Blessings,


Priyanka Moonbeam

Your Soul Coach,

Breathworker, Yogini

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