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Face Yoga - Sculpt and Lift Au Natural | Virtual | 45- Mins

Face Yoga - Sculpt and Lift Au Natural | Virtual | 45- Mins


A workout for the face, focussing on sculpting and giving you a face lift, au-natural.  Join now and learn how to incorporate this into your morning wake up routine.

Via ZOOM - Virtual Class - Sat. Dec 05, 2020 | 9 AM Toronto, 2 PM London, 3 PM Belgium, 3 PM Spain

  • What does the Workshop Package Include?

    • Live 45 mins Zoom Class covering face yoga theory & exercises
    • Written face yoga instructions sent to you after class as a handy guide
    • Recording of the event for future viewing
    • 50% off coupon for one 60 min Individual Guidance Session to be used within 30days following the event -->  60 min Individual Guidance Session
    • Access to join 5 Day Rejuvenation Challenge for younger looking you
  • What is Face Yoga?

    Face Yoga is a series of exercises that will help sculpt and tone your face just as Yoga does for the body.  While Botox and other harsher treatments aim to freeze your muscles into a smooth and relaxed state, you can achieve natural facial muscle relaxation through a series of exercises targeted at various parts of the face. 

    We have 43 muscles in our face.  With targeted moves, you can release stored stress around the eyes, tension around the jaw,  increase blood flow, stimulate the skin and balance the liquid in your ear canal. 

  • Benefits of Face Yoga

    • Tightens skin to prevent  facial sagging 

    • Smoothes wrinkles on face and neck

    • Contouring of the cheek and central face area

    • Improve double chin

    • Diminishes those dark eye circles

    • Improving circulation and facial glow​

    • My favorite - activates the lymphatic system improving the complexion and appearance of your skin.

    • You will become aware of gestures that age the skin and learn to carry the energy of the face differently.

  • Workshop Details

    DATE: SATURDAY DEC 05, 2020

    TIME: 9 AM Toronto, 2 PM London
            3 PM Belgium, 3 PM Spain

    COST: EUR €25 (Visa/Paypal)

    WHERE:  ZOOM instructions will be sent upon registration

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