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My Daily Wellness practice

PRIYANAKA MOONBEAM METHOD to Create the Most Rewarding Experience of Life

Face Yoga –Start your day with gentle face yoga to Put your best face forward

Intermittent Fasting – Leave 16 hours from your last meal for optimum and easy to implement gut health

Cold Shower – Finish up your shower with 30 seconds of cold water splash to tonify vagus nerve and charge all nerve endings.

Prana Warm up – Method of movements to clear stagnant digestion, warm up the body physically and energetically.

Prana Breathwork - Breathing puts you in an optimal physical, mental and emotional state to be present and welcome the day.

Nature Bathing – Go for a walk, or sit in nature regularly . Less imprints of domestication, the better.

Hatha Yoga- Moving from doing to being, in the postures steady and comfortable and taking this to the rest of your Life

These are my underlying principle that help me connect to SOURCE and drives me on my journey to help myself and others to have the best experience in life. I encourage others to do these practices regularly

Reprogramming ourselves to be the happiest doesn’t have to be complicated, and you can do it more quickly than you might imagine. The Breathing and Movement practices clear away energetic blocks, the Intermittent fasting, Face yoga keeps the physical body smooth and efficient, the Cold shower and Nature bathing gives us a somatic and visceral experience and Hatha Yoga taps in into our innate power. We are divine beings. You can experience this, in this life time.

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