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My mountain home

When you recognize and change your automatic reactions to challenging experiences and people, you nurture positive opportunities.  Our current life phase.

Now we were three. We had to find a new home and we returned to Spain. Back at the top of the mountain. I was nearly 8 months pregnant, so when my husband told me that he found an 8000 sq m, of land for a very good price. I believed him.

Deep inside my guts, there is a pretty intense need for nature, for trees, for calmness, especially more so with the baby on the way. When I first saw the land, I must have been flooded with the happy go lucky hormones as I loved the price and said yes to paying the deposit.

We invited my cousin for the second viewing ( after the deposit was paid), and it was when looking through her eyes, I realized the 8000 sq m of land for a big gigantic terraced slope filled with blueberry brambles, weeds, overgrown bushes.. you name it. It was there.

The house was dark, with many walls that had been put up with no logic, bathroom and kitchen that were squeezed in together and a slopey terrace to add to the existing sloped land. We couldn't get our deposit back and the only way out was moving forward. we reminded ourselves that the land was fairly priced for A REASON.


So, this is what we did.

we bought the property and step by step started to create our own version of Shanti valley. A Sacred Space for our selves and to share with others. 

It would be two long years before I could feel the smile dawning at being in Shanti Valley. We are still working away on the land, dreaming and creating. 

This is what we bought

This is what we created

I hope these pages inspire you to live your best life. 

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