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Let's create the best version of yourself

with your breath! 

Hi, I'm Priyanka Moonbeam, Soul Coach, Yogini, Lover and a Mother. 

There is a living universal field of energy that sustains life and guides the evolution of consciousness throughout the Universe.  Called by many names, LOVE, Prana, Chi, Elan Vital, God, this energy can be accessed. It is readily available. A great power within you

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life story, or who you are, we all hold the ability to tap into this infinite potential held in our breath. Through daily cultivation practices, we embark on a journey to self-discovery. We gain direct access to this all-pervading field of energy. We experience the abode of LOVE. In the abode of LOVE, we TRANSFORM. 

I invite you to explore your breath. As a 20 year practitioner, I have witnessed this transformation.  The gateway to LOVE is right here, under your nose.


My hope with this site is to inspire you and guide you to live your best life. 


Prana Breathwork Group Class

Monday - 2 classes, Wednesday - 2 classes

Class Duration: 60 mins

9am & 2pm (Europe)
8am &1pm (UK)

3am & 8am (Americas)

via ZOOM


3-Day Breathwork Intensive Course

Feb 19-21, 2021

Get deeper into the Breathwork practice with live guided instructions in an intimate setting 



"After doing the Kriya practice each and every single day, without fail for the month, I feel a lot of positive energy, due to which I feel I can enjoy life. Now whenever I get a problem, I don’t complain about it but focus on how to solve it. Things which used to irritate me earlier don’t bother me as much. Thank you Priyanka, for all your help and support" 

M. Slater

"Even though I did many mindfulness programs, I did not find anything like this.  You work from a much deeper soulful place.  Thank you for what you do " 

Rosalyn, R.

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