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the beautiful one awaits, 

inside yourself


A little bit about my journey.

I embrace adventure, so like most, I have moments when everything is flowing and moments when I feel stuck. I use breath as the tool to bring freedom in my perspectives, lightness in the being, and a connection to my place in the world.

I aspire to establish a sacred relationship foremost with the self and with the other. 


What I do have with me is a basket of tools embodied in yogic philosophies and apply them, so I may ride the waves with a smooth balance. 

Having trained as a yoga teacher many moons ago I sustained my passion for traveling through teaching yoga. Now as a mom to a rambunctious three-year-old, I reside on a mountain top in the south of Spain. Together with my husband, we have created a sacred space called "Shanti valley" where you can come to retreat or get private lessons.  I also give breathwork and other offerings online. I know from my own 20- year journey as a practitioner the challenges we face in sustaining a spiritual practise. The most struggle people have is cultivating a daily practise ironically it is all the place where one gets the most transformational benefit.  Together we can make this journey taking the spiritual teachings into daily life. 

What has truly shaped me, is my first-hand experience living and embodying yogic philosophies at ashrams in India, my 1000 km journey by foot on the Camino de Compostella and the six-year journey to my baby. These experiences were hugely inspirational and transformational. They helped unfold my life in a simpler and unique way. Initially credited as a CMA in Canada, I left that world to pursue my soul calling: to explore Life through the path of Yoga. As a life-long learner personal growth has been a big part of my journey. I am certified in classical Ayurveda, Pranic Healing, Thai yoga massage, to name a few.  ​


- Yoga Teacher Training Sivananda Yoga

- Advanced Yoga 

- Ayurveda therapy

- Pranic Healing

- Thai Yoga Massage

- Shakti Spirit 

- Inner Engineering

- Ayurveda for natural beauty
- Yoga Nidra (Bihar School)
- Vedic Philosophy (Chinmaya Org)

-  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

- 20+ years as yoga teacher with classes in Canada, India, Guatemala, Spain



Young Chef


“Thank you for your breath exercise.  I was experiencing sleep trouble and was using pills to help.  I can sleep much better now since I started this” 


—  Fernando P.

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