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One to One Breathwork Session

Each private one-on-one breathwork session is tailored specifically to you, your intentions and your healing needs. Using an active breathing technique, you will move stuck energy out of the body and tune into your highest self.



Misty Slopes

When you use your breath as a tool consciously, you begin to see life with new eyes.  You realize that you always  have a choice to dwell in a mindset of  positive possibilities. You will remember  and experience  that your greatest guide is always within.

Book your 60 mins private one-on-one breathwork session with PriyankaMoonbeam

€ 160

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Perhaps you feel disenchanted by life, sparkless relationships, unhealthy family dynamics, or have simply noticed that life seems to have lost its luster.
Everything is seemingly right but totally wrong on the inside.

I know exactly what it feels to be faced with these anguish.  I have both a first hand experience in turning things around a set a tools that is available to anyone. 


I just want you know that there is another way if you feel stuck in your life situation or want more from life but don't know where to start. It is ok, if you still find yourself in the same patterns, even with all of the work you have already done. I can help 

I've been there and have found a way to walk into a brand new perspective on life. I can show you a tool to help break away from all your limiting beliefs and the energy that keeps you stuck.


  • You would like to let go of anger, grief or loss

  • You have chronic physical pain

  • You feel like you are ready for a supported emotional release

  • You feel unworthy of love and opening your heart to others

  • You want to share your creative gifts with the world but feel unable to express yourself

  • You suffer from restlessness, anxiety, depression or insomnia

  • You feel stuck in the past and can’t find a way to move forward although you have tried

  • You desire a loving and sacred partnership but can't figure out why you run away from it

 Feel free to call or email if you'd like to get more of a sense of who I am and to determine if you think we'd work well together.

Find out more about my pricing of the services I offer.


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Young Chef


“Thank you for your breath exercise.  I was experiencing sleep trouble and was using pills to help.  I can sleep much better now since I started this” 


—  Fernando P.


In our First session (hour-long) you can bring with you a question that you would like some clarity on. We will have a conversation about where you feel limited, where you can gain strength and how to step up into owning your story. Our tool is a breathwork practice. I will teach a simple yet profound breathing pattern that with practice will give you the courage and the mastery to begin your own joyous journey. Follow up sessions are a half-hour and focus mainly on breathwork and questions that come up. With regular at-home practice and a one on one weekly or biweekly session you will begin to see a tremendous shift in your life. Elevate your life.. one breath at a time. ​-Sessions are one on one and offered via skype or zoom.-Sessions can also be done in person at Shanti Valley, Spain.



  • Relief from anxiety, stress, anger, depression, pain

  • Process emotions, heal emotional pain and trauma

  • Develop life skills and increase self-awareness.

  • Enrich creativity and discover your inner self

  • Improvement in a sense of calm and overall well being

When you use your breath as a tool consciously, life begins to flow with a profound purpose and presence, as you joyfully navigate into wholistic and limitless possibilities. 


A private Breathwork session is one hour (Cost EUR $160).  

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